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American (US) IP
Security for hotspot surfers
Unblock VOIP applications
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Anonymous Internet surfing
High speed connection, no bandwidth charges
128 - 2048 Secure Encrypted Channel
1 GBit Network Connectivity

What we offer?

We replace your IP with one of ours, your identity is protected.

Secure and Anonymize all your Internet Activities.
Web Browsing
Third Party Free Email Services
Instant Messaging
VOIP phone calls
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VPN — Your Security on the Internet

With each passing day, there appear more and more sites attractive to users on the Internet. They are different dating services, chat rooms, trade portals, social services, e-mails, file storages and other resources. Tens of millions of pc's and even more users are connected to the web. They read news, chat or look for information being certain that the standard means of computer protection (antivirus, firewall, etc) are enough.

But when you visit a site, e-mail, or use ICQ, you not only get information or receive/send messages but also transfer personal data without being aware. In an office, at home or in some public place, you will not be able to hide behind your computer. The data your pc sends by default are known to your provider, the owner of the site you visited, the receiver of your e-mail, and possibly an intruder. And this is all because you use a regular unsecured internet connection.

VPN service offers to preserve anonymity on the web and encrypt the transferred data. VPN provides a secure connection, hides your real IP address and encrypts the transferred data (correspondence, passwords, sent files).

Here are some benefits of using our VPN service:

  • Unrestrictered Internet Access
  • We Unblock Skype
  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Encrypted IPSEC VPN Service
  • We make your IP address unlisted!
  • VPN Service
  • We offer you Double VPN
  • Anonymizes you at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls!
  • 128 - 2048 bit Strong Encryption prevents even your ISP from spying on you!
  • Paid VPN service to Surf anonymous
  • Unrestricted access to the Internet in Middle East. VPN in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain gives you an opportunity to surf the Internet without any control.
  • You no longer need to use a proxy site. You can Bypass and use skype if it is blocked in your region, bypass all blocked web sites, such as poker, adult, blog sites, watch American TV, access Flickr, YouTube and more.