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American (US) IP
Security for hotspot surfers
Unblock VOIP applications
24 * 7 Live Technical Support
Anonymous Internet surfing
High speed connection, no bandwidth charges
128 - 2048 Secure Encrypted Channel
1 GBit Network Connectivity

What we offer?

We replace your IP with one of ours, your identity is protected.

Secure and Anonymize all your Internet Activities.
Web Browsing
Third Party Free Email Services
Instant Messaging
VOIP phone calls
Video Conferencing
and much more....


Privacy Policy

- We collect the following personal information: customer name, address, telephone, email
- Personal information is protected with secure SSL connection during submission.
- We retain this information for internal billing puroses only.
- All collected information is kept protected on our secure server.
- Collected information can only be provided to our acquiring bank and credit card processor.
- Collected personal information will not be shared with third parties.
- Our website uses secure session cookies to identify the customer during access of our services.

— What is VPN service for?
A VPN service is used to encrypt sent and received information. Hiding your real IP address and other personal data, VPN provides complete confidentiality and anonymity when you:
— handle trade deals on the Internet (playing on financial markets, internet shops)
— visit «adults only» resources
— post your information on websites (useful for web-masters)
— transfer information containing passwords (when using e-mail, game and other accounts in public places)
— visit resources banned by your network administrator.

— How does VPN work?
On your computer you set up and configure the VPN client, which connects to one of our servers. A secure connection is created between the client and the server, thus creating a kind of tunnel and nobody can get into it from the outside. The protection is guaranteed by the encryption algorithm with a 1024-bit key. Then, when using our server, you can visit any resource you need, get an access to the e-mail and other network services.

— Can VPN substitute for standard means of protection?
No. VPN can only provide protection and confidentiality of your data but it cannot protect your computer from viruses and other malwares.

— How will the VPN connection affect my internet connection speed?
When surfing your favorite resources you may not notice any difference at all, since only one node will be added on the way to them and that is our server (Usually on the way to a site you pass 3-7 different nodes with a total connection delay of approximately 40-200 ms). Our servers support connection speed of up to 100 Mbps.

— Does VPN guarantee the protection of my information?
Yes. Encrypting data with a 1024-bit key provides solid protection while receiving and sending information. To crack such a key you would need years and the most modern equipment that only intelligence agencies can use.

— Does the VPN provider guarantee my confidentiality and anonymity?
Being a VPN provider, CovertAccess completely ensures the protection of confidential information about its clients.

— Where can I use VPN?
You can use VPN anywhere: at home, in the office, in an internet cafe.

— Why do they choose CovertAccess to be their VPN provider?
CovertAccess offers its users a free and available VPN service which has competitive parameters on speed, traffic volume and additional services. CovertAccess VPN is one of the easiest means to establish a protected connection.
In addition, CovertAccess offers paid services for the most demanding clients. The number of the services is constantly growing; for example, the company brings new servers into operation, allows users to have a free trial period for paid services, etc.

— What data can be transferred on an unsecured connection?
On an unsecure connection, the provider and users of the same resources you visited get data about your operating system parameters, your IP address, addresses of the visited resources and other personal information.

— Why is it dangerous to use unsecured and public Wi-Fi networks?
In unsecured networks the transferred information can be encrypted with standard methods using a short-length key. When you go to a pizzeria which has a Wi-Fi network, you use the internet: you check your e-mail, so you enter your username and password which are then sent to the server. Using special programs (sniffers), an intruder will not have any difficulties in capturing your username and password (as well as any other data) and then use them for his own selfish ends.

— Is it legal to hide my IP address?
Yes. The legislation does not require you to provide your personal data when visiting websites (except for the sites which require your real data for registration). Moreover, in some cases CovertAccess recommends you to hide your real IP address.

— My provider wonders why they do not get any data on me — what should I do?
If such questions arise, it will be sufficient to inform your provider that you work remotely and your work requires maximum protection for the transferred data. That is a very common world practice.

— How is VPN different from a proxy server?
A proxy server only hides your real IP address.

— What requirements does the VPN client demand from a computer (operating system, technical parameters)?
The VPN client does not have strict requirements for a computer (the main ones to start working would be a 500MHz processor or more, 40 GB of hard drive space and 256 MB of RAM).You should have either a Windows or a Mac OS operating system.

— If the VPN service is so useful, why haven?t I heard of it before?
Lots of users have wondered how to protect themselves on the Internet and as a rule they chose antivirus software. Previously, the VPN technology was used by separate specialists and was also used to obtain corporate access to a company?s resources. But with the development of the Web, the VPN services became more available to the majority of users and the prices for them went down.
We cannot say that VPN is an absolute necessity to surf web pages. There were almost no large-scale advertizing campaigns and materials on the topic were published only in specialized computer editions.

That is why today CovertAccess aspires to inform users about all the advantages of this kind of service.