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Top reasons to choose Us:

American (US) IP
Security for hotspot surfers
Unblock VOIP applications
24 * 7 Live Technical Support
Anonymous Internet surfing
High speed connection, no bandwidth charges
128 - 2048 Secure Encrypted Channel
1 GBit Network Connectivity

What we offer?

We replace your IP with one of ours, your identity is protected.

Secure and Anonymize all your Internet Activities.
Web Browsing
Third Party Free Email Services
Instant Messaging
VOIP phone calls
Video Conferencing
and much more....

Why VPN?

If you are using WiFi (802.11a,b.g) public hotspots then you are sending and receiving all of your traffic in "the clear". It is penetrating walls, it is zooming across the street, and it is all readable plain text. Many hotels have sniffable wired networks. Go to a conference with your competitors and from the comfort of your hotel room you might be exchanging more than greetings. If your data is in the clear on a sniffable network everything you do is available for public perusal.

If you check your email on a sniffable network anyone with a sniffer can record your usernames, passwords, destinations, and any "payload" that you sent or received. If you received a spreadsheet via email it may be on some hacker's hard drive before it gets to yours, and with wireless networks the hacker could be a half mile away. Your instant messages may be flying across someone else's laptop screen right now. CovertAccess VPN allows you to protect yourself by encrypting your traffic and cloaking your destination in a Virtual Private Network.

What is VPN?

A virtual private network typically provides you with a private connection to your end destination. We provide you with a secure tunnel to the CoverAccess VPN Servers. To do this a tunnel is created through an untrusted network (the internet). Everything in the tunnel is encrypted on the way in and decrypted on the way out. It no longer matters that someone can sniff your packets. All they will see is an unreadable series of letters and numbers. Additionally, anyone snooping around on your connection will not be able to discern the final destination or the type (web, email, chat, streaming video) of service you are connected to.

The VPN Service we provide will conceal your real IP and replace it with one of ours. In doing so, your online activity is anonymous and prevents harassment caused by people tracking you by your IP address.. The connection is also encrypted using the latest encryption technology to ensure you with a secure internet connection at all times. Especially at WiFI Hot spots! It prevents local ISP from speed capping P2P traffic. Tests have shown the download speed is significantly improved however this is not always true. Other factors need to be factored into the equation! Also, a ssl vpn is not the same as a PPTP vpn. The speed of a SSL vpn is slower than the VPN sold by us. Log files are destroyed and ISP Providers have nothing on your internet use. Furthermore, ISP (Internet Service Provider) don't know you are using it. It is masked as a regular connection. You no longer need to use a proxy site. You can Bypass skype blocked in your region, bypass all blocked web sites, such as poker, adult, blog sites, watch American TV and more. Depending on your location the VPN connection may stop working, let us know and we will provide a new connection file to resume your VPN service.

Download tutorials for Windows:
win7_L2TP_instruction_EN.pdf win7_L2TP_instruction_RU.pdf win7_openvpn_instruction_EN.pdf win7_openvpn_instruction_RU.pdf win7_ppoe_instruction_RU.pdf win7_pptp_instruction_EN.pdf win7_pptp_instruction_RU.pdf